TAP iPad/iPhone Pilot Program

TAP is conducting an iPad/iPhone Pilot Program for interested participants who qualify. This trial is for a one-year period with a maximum of 100 participants. Participants are determined by the screening and application process explained below. The purpose of the TAP iPad Pilot program is to provide wireless devices that can improve the ability of persons with disabilities to use telecommunications and communication tools such as e-mail, phone, text or relay services. Each device has specific built-in access features and pre-installed apps matched to the recipent’s disability. If approved, trial participants can choose from either an iPhone or iPad.

To begin the application process for these programs, please read the informational flyer below and download and complete the questionnaire.

iPad – iPhone Project Flyer

iPad – iPhone Pilot Screening Questionnaire

picture of an ipad screen

The questionnaires can be submitted by mail to the following address or by using the file upload feature below. After submitting the initial questionnaire, you will be contacted by a staff member to begin phase two of the application process.

525 W. Capitol Ave.

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Upload Your Questionnaire

Click “browse” to upload your application then click “submit.”